Thursday, January 10, 2008

12/2007 Holidays in Charleston

What a great decision it was to spend the Holidays in Charleston.
From the Charleston City Marina it is about a 20 minute to half hour walk into town. We made the trip many times and almost always a different route with new things to see.
So why don't you join us and stroll the streets.
Walking along the Battery

A cool fountain for tired feet.
There were fascinating alleyways to peer into and walk through

Hey Bob wait for me!!
The variety of gates and doors to the homes in Charleston was endless. I could hardly pass one by without taking a picture but soon realized we would be all day if I didn't limit myself. Here's just a few all decked out for the Holidays.
You will probably recognize this colorful group of houses often photographed in Charleston.

Fellow shoppers and strollers were always plentiful. So was transportation: taxis (ouch$), bikes, buses (great), trolleys ($3 all day), carriages and a courtesy van from the marina.

No Bob, come back here... you can't ride in that one!

It may have been December in Charleston but there was an abundance of flowers that kept amazing us since winter in Connecticut brings to mind snowflakes and snowmen.

It was no surprise that choice of food was plentiful. We took full advantage of the availability of restaurants. The walk into town would almost always end with…Gee I’m kind of hungry, how about you?” or a fellow boater would stop by with “Want to join us?”

No it wasn't all about food. We visited the Charleston Museum to learn some local history.
Also took bus to Yorktown Aircraft Carrier that is on exhibit along with a Coast Guard Cutter, Navy Destroyer, Submarine and a mock up of a Viet Nam base. You couldn't help but leave this spot with great revere for our military.

Hey, we even saw Elvis while here. Well a picture in the Coast Guard exhibit.
Charleston is a great city and we're looking forward to spending time with her again.

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