Sunday, February 17, 2008

02/08/2008 ICW to St Augustine


Open tool boxes and hatches all indicate that as Bob said
"It's not always beer and sunsets."

But before we get to that, there's more interesting things to share.

We left our anchorage in Amelia River and entered Kingsley Creek
soon approaching our next swing bridge

then on into South Amelia River
Somebody gets to really enjoy the water at this dock.

This flock of birds are white pelicans

We're always partial to the smaller, older style homes along the waterway. I think it's because we can imagine that we actually could own one this size. They also seem to just blend into the surroundings as if they belonged.

With an eye on the current
We make a short jaunt into Nassau Sound to enter the ICW - Sawpit Creek - Gunnison Cut - Sisters Creek and across St Johns River past a very busy port.
We enter another section of the ICW starting with number 1.

There's a lot of white sand in this bank.

There's always bridges to navigate with the common issue of current and height
yet each has its' own unique issues.
Works being done on this bridge

Make sure you don't hit the house when passing under this one.

Fit your boat through the slots without hitting the barge.

We enter a long section of waterway near Jacksonville Beach called Palm Valley Cut. One side is developed and the other is pretty much untouched. Our heads swiveled trying to see everything on the left and right.
Excuse me...port & starboard.

On the left, notice this house has a dead tree
The Ospreys seem to appreciate it.
Now look to the right.


Left & Left Again


Until we enter the Tolomato River
and anchor for the night at Pine Island
The fishing must be very good here because there was a constant stream of small fishing boats trying their luck. The next morning was a gorgeous day with more fisherman showing up and we began wondering if we shouldn't stay a little longer and enjoy.

No....we need to be on our way to St. Augustine. Bob hauls the anchors, and we begin to motor out of the anchorage. We hear the belt on the engine squealing, so Bob tightens it up.

We start the engine, the belt smells & smokes a little then flap - it's broken. Not a problem since we have spares. We're thankful it's a quick repair, and we're on our way to join the other sailboats on the ICW. Not Quite!

The shaft seems to be shaking, so once more we turn around and Bob climbs on top of the engine to have a look. The shaft has slipped, need to tighten set screws...can do!

This time we slowly venture out again, easy, not too much speed, seems good - 'NOT .' As we increase speed the shaft begins to vibrate more than ever, and the engine is just about jumping off it's mounts. Not good! We need to get to a marina where Bob can really check her out, so we put the motor on the dinghy to push her along. We've done that with our 27' wooden sailboat that didn't have an engine,

but wait

We have Tow Boat US

And soon we are on our way down the ICW.

Somehow we feel everyone is looking at us.

Very quickly it seems we are about to go through
The Bridge of Lions.

The briidge seems to have its own repair issues.

That's ok we're in St Augustine!
What better place to be held up for repairs.
It's HAKUNA MATATA time again as we prepare to enjoy where we are.

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bill said...

just checking in. we met you guys in st augustine @ hurricane patty's!! had a great time ,connie & i hope all is well! good luck and happy sailing. billy and connie.....from tennessee.p.s .... we forgive you for the long wait while we were tring to cross the bridge of lions..during the time you were being towed! see ya.