Friday, December 14, 2007

12/11/2007 ICW to Charleston

Celebrated our 42nd Anniversary in Charleston, SC at a great French Restaurant Mistral. Charleston is a great town with what seems an endless variety of things to do, so we're going to spend our Christmas Holiday doing them and enjoying the company of others. So here's our address till 26th at least:


c/o Dock Office - HAKUNA MATATA - Carter

We said Goodbye to Southport on Friday, Dec.7th and headed into the ICW once more very wary of shoaling inlets. As we approached our 1st inlet Bob reviewed the notes he had made from everything he'd been reviewing and we made it through without incident. I think it was because we were escorted by two dolphins. Actually we probably interrupted their fishing the inlet but it was neat having them along. At Shallotte Inlet we encountered a boat aground and one waiting so we anchored to wait for a rising tide & others did likewise. Waiting wasn't easy as some boats would pass by and make their way cautiously through the markers...some bumping and some just sliding through like nothing. When we have a choice we like to err on the side of caution so higher water won out and we made the passage safely without excitement other than my pounding heart. When we reached our chosen anchorage it was already filled with those that had passed on through #%@!...on to a marina.

There's often someone fishing along the ICW from one type of boat or another and sometimes from shore. Also see fishermen catching bait to go after the bigger ones. Wouldn't mind having one of those fresh fish for dinner.

OOPS......Make Way

There's a section about 20 miles long that is called The Rock Pile because the sides are filled with rock that makes it way into the waterway and can be treacherous because much is hidden at high tide. Everyone tries to stay in the center for safest passage, but it can m
ake it interesting.

A little scifi look with the Vortac Installation....Cable Cars across ICW to play golf...White Christmas Tree?...and always another bridge.

Just when you think you are all alone in the comes a house!

Fourtunately along this stretch there always seems be a creek to venture into and anchor for the night.
The section we have been going through the last couple of days is one of the prettiest. Love the names....Waccamaw River. We're enjoying every moment of the Waterway and it's changing scenery (well almost every moment...there have been a few!)

Some of the creeks have barriers in them to keep out the traffic. Of course anytime something is blocked off you wonder why and have a strong urge to go there. Our guide book does note that one such barrier is at Brookgreen Creek to keep boaters from visiting the Plantation by water. We learn that at Osprey Marina you can rent a car and visit the Brookgreen Plantation Gardens. I make note for return trip in Spring.

Seems getting to school in this area can be an exciting trip.

Sunset from our anchorage in Minim Creek looking over marshland to the ICW and a late traveler.

Fog in the early morning.

There seems to be a problem with the windless so Bob will be hauling anchors by hand this morning. Because of the current we often need 2 anchors out. This makes you safe and secure at night so you sleep well...good thing when you will be hauling them up next day! You can bet this will be fixed ASAP.

Hey we're up a creek somewhere and it's our Anniversary...figures. We did check -- we do have paddles, so that's good. It's a beautiful day and a great part of the ICW. If you have been here you can tell because we look relaxed.

A little sweet talk and Bob let's me take the helm. Can't go too wrong in this spot there's plenty of room for mistakes....uh oh!

Love how those tug boats know what they are doing and make it look sooo easy. No, I'm no longer at the helm.Swiss Family Robinson??
Lots of sandbars, islands along this stretch.......

Thank Goodness an Oasis

Anchorage in Dewees Creek and then on to Charleston.

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