Friday, December 21, 2007


Hakuna Matata - the Yellow Boat
Yes, HAKUNA MATATA is a light yellow boat with a bright yellow dodger; I wanted a yellow Mustang so a compromise...yellow boat. She looks happy and when you're starting a new venture such as ours you can use all the instant happy you can get. Bob's ok with the yellow, not wild but ok. That's good enough!

10/14/2007 Family friends and fellow boaters, yes we have finally dropped our mooring in Stonington, CT and set sail. So to speak. There's been a fair amount of motoring due to conditions and the fact that I am pretty much a fair weather sailor. Yes, I can tough out whatever comes and be a decent 1st mate, but been there, done that and now's suppose to be as enjoyable as possible and we do want to get south before the snow flies.

First night in the Connecticut River. This was a small sail in any book but a giant step for the Carters. We're on our way :)

New Haven Harbor. Someone enjoys these brightly colored skiffs.

Sailed to Oyster Bay, NY on a beautiful sunny day.

Another Happy Morgan 34 owner!
Bob & Paul

Not so happy cat "Are We There Yet?"

Leaving Manhasset

The sail through New York was memorable.
Seeing such well known places from the water was exciting and so was the fast current.

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