Sunday, July 13, 2008

07/08/08 New Jersey Coast

and the Cape May CanalIt's a beautiful day for the beach along the canal.
As we pass by we're happy the ferries are still in their docks and not on the canal.
However there are numerous dolphin and whale watcher boats out early this morning.
It was sort of like coming home to be at Utschs Marina again.
This visit we walked into town. So did a few other people.
Notice a few rained off and on all day. We managed to stay almost dry. Did some serious raining after we were back under our awning.

We left Cape May Inlet and sailed the Jersey Coast

Past the familiar outline of Atlantic City

This time we continued to Barnegat Inlet to anchor for the night.
I have a miniature replica of this lighthouse. Loved being so close up to it.
We anchored for the night in a beautiful harbor.

Bob filled the fuel tank with the diesel from those yellowncans you've seen tied to the deck.
We were not going to a dock for fuel and in case we had rolling seas he wanted a full tank.
No, we don't know if the seagull rides there regularly or just happened to land but he certainly looks comfortable with it.
A beautiful sky all around us as the sun set
just as beautiful at sunrise.

We left earlier than even some of the fishing boats.

The waves breaking reminded us that this inlet
could become very rough in the right/wrong conditions.

We were thankful it was good this morning.

We traveled off the Jersey Coast and realized how many different style water tanks there are!!
Who Knew?
A wayward beach ball reminded us there are beaches with people playing over there.At one point we were close enough to see those lucky people (well almost).

At Great Egg Harbor Inlet this bridge has a very narrow entrance. We were hoping it would open for traffic as we passed by.We were in luck and were happy to just watch.
Glad we were not going that direction.

This tug is pulling The Staten Island Ferry?

A colorfully loaded container ship.

This we recognized as the New York City skyline coming out of the haze.
But for tonight we turned left at Sandy Hook
and entered the Atlantic Highlands to stay the night .
Our mooring was one of the last in the field closest to the docks. Notice the ferries docked on the right. They are high speed and ferry from various New York locations.

Across the breakwater we could see a very, very long dock with what looks like Navy ships docked at the end.
Early the next morning we pass by the long docks, clam rakers and endless fishing boats.
We were passed by a high speed ferry headed to New York.
We are also headed to New York
but you know they will all be having lunch before we get there.
We would never be called high speed.
Hakuna Matata

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