Monday, July 14, 2008

07/12/08 New York, NY

We head to New York Harbor
it's very evident that lots of New Yorkers love to fish. Fishing boats all around us. The Coast Guard keeps announcing over the radio that you can not linger in the channel. You must make it open for safe passage. Of course everyone thinks that's where the fish are, so they keep drifting through. Do you suppose after all the years of fishing that the fish figured out they should hide out in the channels to keep safe?? The fishermen seem to think so.
Here comes a fast ferry again. Not bad as there is lots of room for everyone.

Even big ships...

There's early morning summer haze over the city & harbor as we approach the Verrazano Bridge, The Narrows and on to New York
This is the Fort Wadsworth Lighthouse (see light on upper right wall)
Like so many lighthouses this one fell into ruins once the Verrazano Bridge made it obsolete. Fortunately a former lighthouse keeper, Joe Esposito, launched a campaign to save it.

Did we mention traffic?
Manhattan Island

This trip we go to the right of Governors Island through the Buttermilk Channel

There's lots of commercial business on this side

Soon we come out and join up with the East River
Always a yellow Taxi in New York even in the water

The waterfall towers are new since our last trip through

As we turn and look behind's breathtaking!!
Bridge, water taxi, sailboat, waterfall, NY and statue all in one glimpse.

Now just sit back and enjoy the excitement and beauty of cruising through New York
busy - busy, even helicopters buzzing about
We heard Coast Guard announce a navigation hazard....there was a seaplane loose in the river.
They had it tied up again when we arrived.

OK, heads up the light on Hallets Pt tells us we' will be navigating in some strong currents now
All this water is rushing through a narrow passage called
Hell Gate.

Thankfully it's going our way

Notice the train crossing the 2nd bridge.
Pretty exciting and great timing!
It was a really, really long train that stretched out of sight as it crossed

Here's one of those ferries again. This time is came from astern and passed us.
We were glad they had experience at this as we were in a narrow channel between the Brother Islands. This looked like an excursion with lots of happy travelers.
This is close enough to Rikers Island. No desire to visit there.

This seems to have offices/apartments? in it.

We go under the Throgs Neck Bridge leaving New York
and entering Long Island Sound

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